Flowers Are A Girl’s Best Friend January 21 2015

Almost every woman would love to receive flowers - especially on Valentine’s Day! Flowers have always been a top gift option for this special holiday. People generally appreciate the warm feeling that comes with the surprise of flowers. The beauty about flowers is that there are many options! From roses to lilies, flowers are guaranteed to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Name: Kelsey Gries

Location: Sioux City, IA

Position: Nursing student at Morningside College

Hobbies: Painting, Soccer

Favorite Color: Coral

How do you feel about receiving flowers?: I love flowers, even if it's just one flower it just shows that someone was thinking of you. For me personally seeing flowers from someone brightens my day.

What’s your dream Valentine’s Day date?: My dream Valentine's Day date would be my significant other making a nice dinner, drinking a couple glasses of wine, and watching movies all night with each other.


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